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Weekend School Mastery Level 8

Group Identity:  All those who passed level 7.

Clothing Requirement:  Males will wear a red colored kufi, topi or turban.  Females will wear a hijab of some agreed upon color.

Mastery Focus:  Zakah and all of its rules will be covered in detail.  Islamic philosophy will be explored.  Great works of Islamic literature will be read and Arabic fluency in Qur'anic comprehension will continue to be a major focus.  Conversational as well as Qur'anic Arabic will be studied with greater urgency.  The etiquette of marriage and male-female relations will be taught.

Methodology:  This class will consist of four segments of about 40-60 minutes each.  The fourth segment being for physical fitness and/or martial arts.  Marksmanship and rifle shooting can be introduced at this level.

Discussion:  As part of the requirements of this level, all participants must attend one summer intensive camp where they will live as a Muslim out in the wilds of a natural setting.  Local communities can organize these trips.

Textbooks:  The Following Textbooks will be Used.  (Others to be added later):

bulletSegment 1:  "Elementary Modern Standard Arabic Volume 1."  (Continued) + Arabic through the Qur'an
bulletSegment 2:  "Shari'ah: The Islamic Law."  By Abdur Rahman I. Doi.  + "A Journey through the Holy Qur'an" by Yahiya Emerick
bulletSegment 3:  "Struggling to Surrender"  and "Even Angels Ask" By Jeffrey Lang.  (

Specific Skills to Teach in Each Segment:  The textbooks contain all required knowledge.

The Final Word:  Independent reports should be assigned.  Every student should have a copy of "The Alim" computer software.

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