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Weekend School Mastery Level 7

Group Identity:  All those who passed level 6.

Clothing Requirement:  Boys will wear beige colored kufi or topi while girls will wear a hijab of the same color.

Mastery Focus:  Interfaith issues, Jihad, Politics, Da'wah and world religions, continued practice in Arabic, a detailed review of Islamic 'aqeedah and an intensive program of calligraphy, geometric design and arabesque-style art with emphasis on the student participating in projects hands-on.  A detailed survey of the life of the Blessed Prophet and his Sahaba will be undertaken.

Methodology:  This level will consist of four classes of around 40-60 minutes each.  The first segment will concentrate on perfecting basic Arabic proficiency.  The second segment will be an intensive study of the themes of the Qur'an.  The third segment will concentrate on knowledge of the Akhirah.  The fourth segment will be for physical fitness and/or martial arts.  Horseback riding should be introduced to this level.

Discussion:  The average age of the students in this level will realistically be from somewhere between 13 and 16.  If a student has passed all previous levels, then they are well on their way to becoming a conscientious Muslim, insha'llah.

Textbooks:  The following textbooks will be used.  (Others to be added later):

bulletSegment 1:  "Elementary Modern Standard Arabic Volume 1."  By Peter Abboud.  From barnesandnoble  + Arabic through the Qur'an
bulletSegment 2:  "A Journey through the Holy Qur'an" by Yahiya Emerick + "Muhammad" by Yahiya Emerick.
bulletSegment 3:  "The Remembrance of Death and the Afterlife."  Imam Abu Hamid Muhammad Al Ghazali.

Specific Skills to Teach in Each Segment:  The textbooks contain all the required knowledge.

The Final Word:  Encourage independent reading of supplementary materials taken from the regular full time school reading syllabus.

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