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Weekend School Mastery Level 6

Group Identity:  All those who passed level five.

Clothing Requirement: Boys will wear a brown, khaki colored kufi or topi while girls will wear a hijab of the same color.

Mastery Focus:  Comprehension of Arabic will be intensified.  Hadith knowledge will be expanded.  Social issues will be discussed in greater detail.  Essay writing on Qur'anic themes will be instituted.

Methodology:  This level will be divided into four segments.

bulletSegment One will deal exclusively with Arabic and its practice.
bulletSegment Two will focus on reading and discussing various sources of Islamic Knowledge.
bulletSegment Three will focus on issues of fiqh.
bulletSegment Four:  Physical fitness and/or martial arts.  Archery can be introduced at this level.

Discussion:  Classroom discussions will be initiated on a wider level.  Students will be assigned reports, speaking projects, research projects to answer specific Islamic issues.

Textbooks:  The following Textbooks will be used.

bulletSegment 1:  "First Steps in Arabic Grammar."  By Yasien Mohammad.  (From IQRA).  The title says, first steps, but it is actually at a very advanced level.  Following this textbook's conclusion, switch to "Al Lughata al Arabia (Level 5, 6 or 7 as needed)"  Published by Noorul Iman Institute.  Teachers can use this book to get ideas on how to teach the subject: Arabic through the Qur'an
bulletSegment 2: "Imam Bukhari's Book of Muslim Morals and Manners."  (From and The Complete Idiot's Guide to Understanding Islam by Yahiya Emerick
bulletSegment 3: "The Lawful and Prohibited in Islam"  By Yusuf al Qaradawi.  ( + A Journey Through the Holy Qur'an by Yahiya Emerick

Specific Skills to Teach in Each Segment:  The textbooks contain the required knowledge.

The Final Word:  Never underestimate the usefulness of classroom reading and discussion.  Not many students will ever read any serious book on their own.  To read and hash out the issues contained in these selected books will go a long way to making effective proponents of Islam.

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