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Weekend School Mastery Level 5

Group Identity:  All those students who passed level 4 only.  Boys and girls will be in separate classes taught preferably by teachers of their own gender.

Clothing Requirement:  Boys will wear a light blue kufi or topi.  girls will wear a similar colored hijab.

Mastery Focus:  Advanced knowledge of Arabic grammar, fiqh, Shari'ah, the principles of Tafseer and ahadith.  A holistic presentation of Islamic Philosophy.  The history of science and achievement in Islam.  Famous Muslim reformers and renewers will be highlighted.  Islamic history from the Ummayids to the Ottomans will be explored.

Methodology:  This level will be divided into four classes as in previous levels.  The fourth class to be physical fitness and/or martial arts.

Discussion:  At this age level, questions that are probing and honest will come up.  They must be answered in a straightforward manner with no mystery.

Textbooks:  The Following Textbooks will be Used.  (Others to be added later):

bulletSegment 1:  "What Islam is All About."  By Yahiya Emerick. (   A Journey Through the Holy Qur'an by Yahiya Emerick
bulletSegment 2:  "A Study of Hadith" By Khalid Shaikh.  (From  "Access to Qur'anic Arabic".  (From IQRA)
bulletSegment 3:  "The Illustrated History of Islam"  By Dr. Abdur Rauf.  (Halalco)  Girls will also have the added textbook, "Muslim Woman's Handbook" by Huda Khattab.

Specific Skills to Teach in Each Segment:  The textbooks above contain all the required knowledge for this grade.

The Final Word:  After this level has been mastered, deeper knowledge of Islam and the Muslim experience can be explored.  A comprehensive written exam will determine if the student is able to pass to the next level.  It is critical that behavior also be graded throughout the school year.

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