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Weekend School Master in Islam

Group Identity:  All those who pass a comprehensive test covering all previous levels with a score of 90 and above may attend this final level.

Clothing Requirement:  The color of the hijabs, kufis, turbans or topis will be white to signify that the journey is just beginning.

Mastery Focus:  The Hajj and all of its rules and features.  A seminar in Islam in this country and what can be done to strengthen it.  Field trips to other Masajid, conventions, etc...  Giving the Khutba for males and giving lectures for females.  All students must complete a Hajj or Umrah before receiving their Master in Islam Award and Diploma.

Methodology:  This is a three year seminar of instruction, inquiry, independent learning, community service and discussion.

Discussion:  The first year of this level will be spent by each student being a volunteer teacher in the lower levels of the weekend school every weekend.  The levels to be taught are to be no higher than level 5.  More than one student can be a teacher in the lower class at once and the basic levels will need several people.  The adults who oversee the program will manage and supervise this phase.  Students will also be required to read the book entitled, "The Life of Muhammad"  By Muhammad H. Haykal during this period and present a full observation paper of its contents not to be less than 15 pages.

    The second year of this level will be spent in a classroom setting.  Various experts in different aspects of Islam will be invited to give lectures and presentations on their subject of expertise.  Research papers will be assigned from time to time.  Various books will be read and discussed.  Other personalities will be invited to address the seminar from time to time.  A detailed study of Hajj and Umrah will be undertaken in preparation.  All students in this phase will be required to attend at least one Muslim convention during the year on the order of an ISNA, ICNA, Warith Deen Muhammad, Jamil el Ameen, etc... size.

    The third and final year of this phase of the program will consist of field trips to other Masajid, operating charitable projects, experiencing da'wah activities firsthand, etc...  Males will give at least two Khutbas while females will deliver at least two presentations or lectures during a community function (to all female audiences, if they prefer) and a Hajj or Umrah must be completed by both males and females before the final Master in Islam diploma is given.  Perhaps the class can go as an organized group to Mecca for this purpose.

Textbooks:  The Following Textbooks will be Used in the second year academic phase.  (Others to be added later):

For the Males Class:

bulletSegment 1:  "Elementary Modern Standard Arabic Volume 2."
bulletSegment 2:  "The Proper Conduct of Marriage."  By Imam Al Ghazali. 
bulletSegment 3:  "God Arises"  By Wahiduddin Khan.  "A Journey through the Holy Qur'an" by Yahiya Emerick

For the Females Class:


Segment 1:  "Elementary Modern Standard Arabic Volume 2."


Segment 2:  "The Muslim Marriage Guide" by Ruqaiyyah Waris Maqsood. 


Segment 3:  "Daughters of Another Path" by Carol Anway.  And  "In Search of Islamic Feminism"  By Elizabeth Fernea.

Specific Skills to Teach in Each Segment:  As enumerated in the outline above.

The Final Word:  After this three year phase is complete, there must be adult level enrichment classes which these graduates can either attend or teach.


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