Food for the Soul

    A famous Seljuk Muslim ruler by the name of Malik Shah had a very able prime minister called the Nizam ul Mulk.  While Malik Shah was the muscle behind his kingdom, it was the Nizam who demonstrated his superior intellect and foresight.

    The Nizam traveled all over the land not once, but seven times to check on the condition of the people.  From North Africa to the borders of India he caused innumerable Masjids, orphanages and schools to be built.  To top it all off, he established the University Nizamia of Baghdad to which all the brightest young scholars were attracted to.

    When Malik Shah noticed these things and thought about it, he called to his prime minister in alarm and said, "What are you doing, minister of mine?  To support all these institutions you began, my treasury is almost empty.  Why, you haven't even built a single fortress nor have you built up a powerful regiment of soldiers to defend the empire if need be!"

    The Nizam became very serious in his tone and replied, "The fortress you speak about is perishable and temporary.  But the fortress I have built for you will defy the ravages of time and prove unbreakable.  You have spoken of increasing the numbers of soldiers, but the arrows of those soldiers won't travel beyond 100 yards.  The arrows of the army which I have built up will ascend into heaven itself and make your name imperishable."

(From Hirak Har, Siyasat Namah)

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