Class A

Age Level: 5-6

Class Focus Teaching Aids Notes
Islam/Arabic 1.  Color and Learn Salah. By Yahiya Emerick
2.  Easy Steps in Arabic. (A.W. Hamid)
3.  Alif is for Asad Video
4.  I Can Color My Muslim World
This class will cover everything having to do with Salah.  It will also cover Arabic letters, pronunciation and simple grammar.  Every child must have mastered Surahs 108-114 with translation.
Art Students will learn to draw flowers and other nature scenes.  Other craft projects will be studied such as finger painting, sponge painting, sand art and others The teacher chosen must be skilled at arts and crafts.  The supplies needed for each week's projects must be purchased in advance.  Perhaps a $20.00 art supplies fee can be assessed on the parents at the time of registration.
Islamic Literature 1.  Ibrahim's Search
2.  Full Circle
3.  Little Jana's Big Surprise

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This class will focus on story telling, independent reading of Muslim-written stories that the school will make available and simple story writing.  This class seeks to boost the children's imaginations and to keep them connected to reading.
Sports Sports equipment for the activities planned Students will learn to work together in organized play through such games as tag, kickball and duck, duck, goose.


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