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    Many Muslims like to experience the great outdoors as a part of their Islamic training.  This type of group activity is an excellent way to improve our Eman for a number of reasons.  The skills learned and the confidence gained cannot be acquired through any other means.

    When we open the pages of the Qur'an. we are often met with ayat, or verses, in which Allah (the Exalted) calls our attention to some phenomenon of nature.  "By the dawn", "By the moon as it grows bright", "Haven't you seen how the birds are held aloft in flight?" etc...  In our modern, technological and artificial lifestyles, we are often cut off from a true appreciation of the wonders of Allah's creation.

    When Muslims in earlier generations were asked to "contemplate" the wonders of creation "standing, sitting or lying on their sides" they truly knew what it meant to exclaim, "Truly You did not create all of this for nothing!"  A week or weekend spent out in nature can help rekindle this sense of wonder within each of us, even if but for a brief moment.

    There are ways to conduct a successful camp that are economical, socially responsible and environmentally friendly.  In this section of our web site, we will share with you the experience we have gained from running youth camps for several years.

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