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Islam in World History


Main Focus:  To find information on the history of Islam in the world.


The Life of Muhammad (P) 
By Muhammad Husayn Haykal

Historical Events and turning Points in the Islamic Civilzation

Islamic Culture and the Medical Arts

Islamic View "On European Piracy"

The Crusader and Ayyubid Period

ORB -- Crusades

Crusades: A View From Jordan

Islamic History: The Crusades

Medieval Accounts of Salah al Din's Recovery of al Quds

The Crusades and the Contributions of Islam


The Middle East and North Africa Medieval Sourcebook: Islam
Ibn Batuta (1307-1377 CE): Travels Islamic History: Spain

Ibn Abd-el-Hakem: The Islamic Conquest of Spain

Science and Scholarship in al Andalus

Selections From Poetry of the Spanish Moors

Uthman dan Fodio (From UPenn African Studies)

Uthman dan Fodio

Muslim Women in History

Muslim Scientists and Islamic Civilization

Scholars During the Caliphate Time

Imam al-Ghazali One of the most highly regarded scholars of Islam

Ibn Said: Book of the Maghrib, 13th Century

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