Islamic Rose Books

By Linda D. Delgado

  AuthorLinda D. Delgado

  Grade Level:  5-10

  Subject:  Stories with an interfaith flair involving a young girl on her way to faith

  Rating:  5 Stars

    I have been an English teacher for a long time in Muslim schools and have tried very hard to mix in Islamically-flavored literature into my classes so the students know that Muslims are just as talented as non-Muslims.  In addition, I've always wanted the children to be exposed to books that deal with topics that they think about, especially in how to interact with a multi-cultural world.  I haven't found a whole lot of literature that is well-written and targeted to teens and pre-teens thus far.  That is why I was pleasantly surprised to come across the Islamic Rose Books series by Sr. Delgado, a convert to Islam and accomplished and dedicated author.

It wasn't just one well-written book, however, but four, so our eager young readers can continue to grow and experience life with the main character of the series, a young girl named Rose and her non-Muslim friends group called the Hijab-Ez, who take us on a journey of self-discovery as well as the discovery of Islam.  Rose is a member of ostensibly a non-Muslim family, but with a grandma with a knowledge of Islam.  Through the four books published thus far (and distributed through we are presented with a number of very serious life moments and through engaging story-telling we are brought to realistic resolutions.  The writing is terse, though not sparse, free-flowing, but not shallow.  I, personally, plan to introduce these books in our Islamic school and also to donate them to our local library.  It is vitally important that our youth, especially our girls, be given a language and demonstrated way for dealing with life's troubles, interfaith dialogue, public school survival and also to see characters much like themselves and the people in their neighborhood reflected in books meant for them.  It is also nice that the girls who are the main characters grow and change from book to book and learn the lessons of growing up with an Islamic flair.

The four volumes published thus far (more are expected, according to the author) are as follows:

Book 1:  The Visitors

Book 2:  Friends

Book 3:  Stories

Book 4:  Saying Goodbye

Definitely recommend for your bookshelves!  By the way, the author is the director of a great association of Muslim Women writers.  You can contact her at or at

--Reviewed by Yahiya Emerick


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