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Reading and Literature Third Grade

   Third grade readers have entered what may be termed the cognitive threshold.  From third thru fifth grade there is not too much marked difference in reading ability other than in the acquisition of vocabulary.

    This is the age when basic attitudes and world views begin to be solidified.  If you present the world through Islamic lens to the child, they will see the world as a Muslim.  If you don't provide any lens, they will pick up the lenses left lying around by the Kuffar.

    Many Islamic schools make the mistake of using reading books filled with stories and adventures about non-Muslims.  In addition, those schools which have libraries usually have only a few Muslim written stories in them and instead fill the shelves with hundreds of exciting non-Muslim fiction stories and biographies.

    Muslim schools are the willing participants in the process of de-Islamization!  Although some Muslim administrators and teachers would complain that there is a lack of good reading material to replace the non-Muslim books, part of the problem lies with them in that they rarely seek out Muslim titles and even worse, Muslim schools rarely ever purchase any books written by Muslims.  Since no Muslims can earn a living writing, few books are written of great quality.  It's a vicious circle that must be broken!

Husna and the Eid Party

Magid Fasts for Ramadan

The King's Giraffe Zaki's Ramadhan Fast

The Magic Horse

Legend of Lotfiya

Ali, Child of the Desert

Day with the Dinosaurs

Animals (Allah the Maker)

The Lion Who Saw Himself in the Water

The Farmer's Wife


Miscellaneous Books

Title Author Source Subject
The Courageous Children Ayesha Scott Amazon Misc.
A Caring Neighbor Kareema Bouroumbi Amazon Helping others
A True Promise A. Ghazi IQRA Stories, though written in difficult language
The Ramadan Adventures of Fasfoose Mouse Ediba Kezeiz IBS Ramadan
Kamal's Quest Cynthia Profilet Astrolabe Misc.
Mother's Love Eeman Reading Series Noorart Story
Friendship Eeman Reading Series Noorart Story
Surprises, Surprises Eeman Reading Series Noorart Story
Caring for Our World Eeman Reading Series Noorart Story
Gifts of Friendship Razana Imtiaz amazon Friendship
Accidents can Happen Eeman Reading Series Noorart Qadr
Learning as We Grow Eeman Reading Series Noorart Learning
The Kind Man and the Thirsty Dog Umar & Salimah Salam Al Hidayah Pub. Hadith story

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