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Reading and Literature Sixth Grade

    Literature at this level should take advantage of a new reality within the students.  They are now able to reason over what they read and see the story behind the lines, as you will.  Average book length for students at this level should be around a hundred pages.  Vocabulary comprehension is also very high.

Mansa Musa: The Lion of Mali

Miscellaneous Books
Title Author Source Subject
Ibn Batutta Calliope Astrolabe Biography
Islamic Spain Calliope Astrolabe History
The Sahabiyat Jamila Jones


Sahabiyat stories
Travelers and Explorers IQRA IQRA Non-fiction accounts of Muslim travelers
Arabian Fairy Tales Idries Shah


Misc. Folk tales (A Very good source for short story literature!)
Mothers of Three Prophets Jamila Jones


The Wise Poet Khurram Murad


Sahaba story
Bilal ibn Rabah Sara Saleem Halalco Bilal
A Time to Speak Sadi Shirazi Sound Vision Short wisdom stories
Those Who were Promised Paradise Noura Durkee IQRA Sahaba stories
The First Ones Noura Durkee IQRA Sahaba stories
The Loyal Ansar Noura Durkee IQRA Sahaba stories
Hearts that Changed Noura Durkee IQRA Sahaba stories
Those Who Spread Islam Noura Durkee IQRA Sahaba stories
Abu Bakr Sara Saleem Astrolabe Abu Bakr
Umar ibn Abdul Aziz Yasien Mohamed Astrolabe A Umayyad famous Khalifa
Umar ibn al Khattb Amal Khatab Astrolabe Umar
Uthman ibn Affan Amal Khatab Astrolabe Uthman
Ali ibn Abi Talib Amal Khatab Astrolabe Ali
The Ring: Three Moral Tales Ali Bakathir Halalco Misc
Love all Creatures Khurram Murad


Sahaba storoes
The Battles of the Prophet Muhammad Denys Johnson-Davies Astrolabe Sirah
Stories of the Caliphs: Early Rulers of Islam Denys Johnson-Davies


Uthman Hutchinson Islamic Bookstore Adventure stories

1: The Car Theft Kidnapping

2: The Mystery of the Missing Pearls

3: The Deadly Mountain Revenge

4: The Wilderness Survival

Khadija bint Khuwaylid Daud Abdullah Abul Qasim Pub. Sahabiya story
Fields of Fig and Olive Kathryn K. Abdul Baki Amideast Misc.
Free as the Desert Wind Elsa Marston IPI Novel about a Somali Boy
One Night: A Story from the Desert Christina Kessler Philomel Books ISBN: 0-399-22726-1 A boy's night in the desert
The Island of Animals Trans. by Denys Johnson-Davies Amazon 10th century Muslim legend similar to Orwell's "Animal Farm"  Excellent!!!
Tales From Morocco Denys Johnson-Davies Amideast Tales
Tales From Sudan Denys Johnson-Davies Amideast Tales
Dahling If You Luv Me, Would You Please, Please Smile Rukhsana Khan Sound Vision Unreviewed as of yet.

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