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Reading and Literature Kindergarten

    Literature for this grade consists of simple picture books with a limited amount of text.  There are loads of non-Muslim written books for this age and you are encouraged to seek them out.  We have listed here only those books with a Muslim flavor.  We will add more books to this section as we find them.  

    Teachers should read aloud to the students who will follow along in their own books.  In time, students will be encouraged to read aloud themselves. 

    Constant verbal encouragement is a must.  Even when a child makes a mistake, encourage them by saying, "That's close.  You did very good."  Never tell a small child, "That's wrong."  Never humiliate a child by saying others read better and never choose the best readers all the time just to make your job easier.

Allah is presented as the Creator of all things

The Eemaan Reading Series: Pre-K Level (6 Books)

Eemaan Reading Series

Level Pre-K

My Mother Is a Wonder

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Jamal's Prayer Rug

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