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Reading and Literature First Grade

   First grade readers are able to pronounce simple words and sentences.   Limited story recognition capacity is also present.  Stories for this grade level have very simple themes with very simple plots.  (The bad child gets punished, the good kid gets rewarded, etc...)

    Although there are countless reading books for first grade level readers, it is encouraged to make at least 50% of their reading selections Muslim flavored stories.  Children will by now begin to form their identities and attitudes towards their reality and we don't want another generation of kids molded into apathetic secular people.

    Most Muslim parents living in non-Muslim countries make their first big mistake at this level by not making any effort to mold a Muslim-oriented identity in their child.  Stories form a reference point for reality.  If all your child reads about is Bob or Sue and their little unIslamic or mundane adventures, the child will most certainly consider the world that created Bob and Sue to be the real world.  The unreal world at home filled with a mix of traditional culture and a little Islamic flavor will be forgotten or considered irrelevant by the teenage years.

A young boy goes in search of Allah

Full Circle: Story and Coloring Book

Story and Coloring Book about true intentions

Based on a Qur'anic Story of the Gardeners - strong lead female character

Amira's Totally Chocolate World

Delightful tale of a young girl and her  expansive imagination.

Stories from the Quran (Bk. 5) The Eemaan Reading Series: Level 1 (6 Books)

Eemaan Reading Series

The Eemaan Reading Series: Level 2 (7 Books)

Eemaan Reading Series

Allah Gave Me Two Eyes To See (Allah the Maker)
Abraham and the Holy House and Jonah and the Whale Miswak The Eemaan Reading Series: Level KG 2 (6 Books)

Eemaan Reading Series

Muhammad's Revelation and the Spider and the Dove
Joseph in the Well and Moses in the Cradle David and Goliath and Solomon and Sheba First Fast The Food We Eat
Abu Ali: Three Tales of the Middle East (Ready-to-read) The Axe  

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