Information for Public School Classrooms

   There are many resources available for use in Public school classrooms.  There are also many Muslim organizations who specialize in providing such material.  We will first list the web-sites of helpful organizations and then provide a list of recommended materials for teaching in Social Studies and Reading Classes.

Organizations Specializing in Islam for Public School Students





Recommended Resources

Teachers Resources:

1.  Teaching About Islam in the Public School Classroom.  Published by CIE.  Available from Astrolabe.


Student Materials:

1.  What Do We Know About Islam?  By Sharukh Husain.  Grades 3-7.

2.  Introducing Muhammad.  By Ziauddin Sardar.  Totem Books. ISBN 1-874166-15-3.  Grades 5-12.

3.  Teach Yourself Islam.  By Ruqaiyyah Waris Maqsood. Grades 7-12. 

4.  Islam.  Calliope Publications.  Grades 4-10.  

5.  Muslim Mosque.  By Umar Hegedus.  Grades 2-5. 

6.  Discover Islam Poster Set.   25 posters highlighting a different aspect of Islam.  Available from Astrolabe or Discover Islam.


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