Islamic Foundation of North America

Islamic Studies

Pre K

Age group: 3-4

Main Focus:  To acquaint the students with introductory Islamic themes and practices.

Learning Abilities: Limited to simple commands and instructions. Memorization is generally limited if it is not reinforced in different ways. Understanding of complex concepts is severely limited.

Formats to Avoid: Do not structure the class into a lecture format with a lot of note-taking or pencil work. Do not make memorization of facts the main focus of the instruction.

Preferred Format: Fun activities are essential. (We don't want to burn them out of Islam this early!) Employ painting, crafts, songs and rhymes, simple du'as and manners in greeting and eating, stories and games to reinforce basic akhlaq (manners).

   In this grade, it is preferable that Arabic and Islamic Studies should be taught by the same teacher, in the same class, as an integrated subject.


Primary Textbook

I Can Color My Muslim World

by Yahiya Emerick


Muslim Nursery Rhymes

Primary Textbook

I Can Say Bismillah Anywhere! (I Can (Islamic Foundation))


I Can Make Du'a Anywhere! (I Can (Islamic Foundation))

Teacher Resource

Nasheed (Songs)

We Are Muslims 1 (Audio CD)


I Can Pray Anywhere! (I Can (Islamic Foundation))

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