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Vol. 1 Issue 1             Spring 1420/ 2000



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          Now, I don’t blame Mr. Findley for his views. I respect him as a person but I don’t hold the same respect for his opinions. He is entitled to his views and his opinions, and I am entitled to accept or reject those views. I choose to reject them. Mr. Findley is an American and a patriot. In spite of all that, he’s a pretty likable fella’. What I mean is, I expect him to answer in that way when asked how to analyze and resolve the failures of the Muslims. He sees American, Hellenic, Christian-Judeo, political, solutions to the injustices committed against Muslims. He confuses the solution to our problems with the cause of our problems. He looks at this dilemma in purely human terms. In other words, humans caused these problems; therefore, the solution to these problems can be found with humans themselves and in the application of human thinking and consequently the application of human reasoning.
          Well, no. I don’t think so, Tim!

"He confuses the solution to our problems with the cause of our problems."

          First of all, we’ve seen how good man alone is at solving problems, especially in the West. Ever since the beginning of Western Civilization with ancient Greece, there is this mythological, Hellenistic notion of man against the ‘gods’ and that no matter how upset the ‘gods’ are against us or how hard they might try to destroy us; man can persevere. Man can do battle against the ‘gods’ and win. Man is the one who is in control of his destiny.
          The extension of that idea is that there is no need to consult God about anything. Man is in control. We only need to look in us, ourselves, for the solutions to any of our problems, whether it be famine, global warming or adultery, as in the practice by some Christians of confessing their sins to a priest. The irony behind all of this, of course, is that this logic and rationale comes from a society that claims to need some kind of divine intervention, as in the savior, Jesus, in order to gain salvation and approval from, who?-God, Himself; Another Divine Entity.
          Bottom line for them is that, we don’t need God to tell us how to live our lives, we just need Him to be there for us when we make a mess of everything after following our own path.

"There is no need to consult God about anything. Man is in control."
(or so they think!)

          Muslims, on the other hand, are supposed to believe that Almighty God, Allah, is the Supreme Legislator in our lives. We are here for his pleasure and not ours. We were placed here to obey His commandments and not make our own. If we truly believe that God has the answers to our questions and the solutions to our problems, then, why in the world are we looking to the leaders of the West; religious or political. It’s so painfully obvious that their societies have gone astray. I mean, if we wanted to follow the political leaders of a country that has stopped submitting to the Will of the Creator, all we have to do is follow our own "Muslim" leaders in our own "Muslim" countries. We don’t have to come all the way to America to disobey God. Muslims have strayed just as badly as the other nations. Like their predecessors before them, they too, have “followed the lizard into the hole.”
          Now, I’m not saying that man isn‘t responsible for initiating change in his behavior. God provides for the sparrow, but even the sparrow has to be willing to go scratch for his food. As Muslims, we all understand that God will not change the condition of a people until they change themselves. To change that condition, however, and in turn initiate the assistance of God, it only makes sense that we start by seeking His guidance and not our own and certainly not that of a society that has gone astray. I mean, talk about the blind leading the blind here!





"O believers! Be steadfast for the sake of Allah and bear true witness and let 
not the enmity of a people incite you to do injustice; do justice; that is nearer to piety. Fear Allah, surely Allah is fully aware of all your actions." 

Al Maida 5:8 


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