Living Islam Today
A Magazine for Muslim Americans
Vol. 1 Issue 1                Spring 1420/ 2000



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          Despite everything, there are many positives to Muslims being on the Internet. In fact it has influenced many in good ways, from just increasing their Eman and knowledge to eventually leading people to Shahadah. This new technology has been a breakthrough in communication among Muslims. Conferences and events are well publicized and organizational logistics have been enhanced significantly and economically. Muslim activism is spread on- line. News is obtained directly from Muslim sources and not western media. Even the announcements of Ramadan and 'Eid are quickly distributed and followed.
          Students, sisters, those who live in far flung communities or even places where there are very few Muslims or any who might not otherwise be Islamically active, can get the information they need and try to stay in touch with their Islam. Hundreds of articles and books are available, from the Qur'an on-line in Indonesian to Ibn Taymeeyah's Essay on the Jinn to how to make Istikhara prayer.
          So, while on the surface it may seem like a glittering tool, the reality of today makes one question the direction of Muslims on the net and highlights and points out the cracks in our Ummah dramatically.

This new technology has been a breakthrough in communication among Muslims.

          Half due to ignorance, half due to avoidance, Islamic organizations and scholars refuse to get involved or try to create a presence or authority on the net. Muslim programmers and computer professionals do not use their knowledge to improve the content or build amazing Islamic programs like they could be. Muslims are not using it to its full Dawah potential and are not looking beyond their egos to work with one another in Shurah to make it a place of not just fun, but of benefit for themselves and others.
          Facing all of these positives and negatives, Muslims in cyberspace are at a turning point. The net and modern technology have created situations that are unlike any we have had to face in the past. As a microcosm and extension of our Muslim society, understanding and helping solve our problems on the net can be a first step in understanding the Muslims as a whole, our differences and how to resolve them.          

If we find unity on the Internet, there is hope for our Ummah yet.