Living Islam Today
A Magazine for Muslim Americans
Vol. 1 Issue 1            Spring 1420/ 2000



In the name of Allah, the Compassionate Source of All Mercy

The First Step in a Long Journey...
Assalamu Alaikum,
     It's a pleasure to bring all of you the first issue of IFNA's web-zine: Living Islam Today.  Since it's the very first issue, I guess the best thing to do is discuss what our intentions are with this endeavor.  Living in America, it becomes very obvious that we, as Muslims, need to keep up with the advances that this country throws at us.  With this being the case, we've decided to provide a magazine that is, Insha'llah, different from anything you've ever seen.  Many Muslim magazines, unfortunately, have a hidden agenda.  A majority of the news you read focuses on the publisher's country, culture, or ethnicity, exclusively.  This agenda leaves out many other Muslims who may not be familiar with or even interested in what a certain leader is doing in a country they may never see.  IFNA wanted to break that "my village" mentality.  Moreover, why should we as Muslims have separate magazines to fulfill the different needs that we have?  Since Islam is part of every aspect in a Muslim's life, shouldn't there be a magazine that tries to fulfill every aspect of a Muslim's life, too?  This is why we are including timely features about health, vacation spots, and even Halal restaurant reviews! Living Islam Today is a budding new magazine.  If there are any topics that you, the readers, feel are not being addressed, drop us a line.  We're trying our best to supply our Ummah with the best information for living in America; pardon us if there are a few bumps along the way :-) 

                                                          --Qasim Najar

The Islamic Foundation of North America
 Yahiya Emerick

VP/Editor in Chief

Qasim Najar

Managing Editor
 Samina Najar

Reshma Baig

How to Contact the Editors:
The Islamic Foundation of North America
PO Box 541146
Flushing, NY 11354

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