Suggested Activities
A Pictorial Guide

Qur'an Recitation Contest
These children are busy practicing for the Qur'an recitation contest.  In this session, each child must choose a small section of the Qur'an, around 5-10 ayat long.  They will recite it in Arabic, if they can and then give the translation.  Following this they will explain what we can learn from that passage for our own lives.  The adults are the judges.


The big contest is underway

Survival Walk
These girls are on a "Survival Walk" with their guide, Br. Yahiya.  He is explaining on this walk how to survive if you get lost in the woods.

Free time
You can never forget to give your campers some free time to socialize and get to know each other.

Youth Presentations
The youth themselves should give a couple of speeches.  Here Brother Yahiya helps the students get ready for their mini-speeches.  Two boys and two girls gave a ten minute speech each in the Main Meeting Area.

Sports activities
The girls love Volleyball!  Boys usually like basketball and volleyball as well.

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