Muslim Youth Speak

Voices of Today's Young Muslims

  Editor:  Yahiya Emerick

  Grade Level:  6th-9th

  Subject:  Youth-written essays, plays and prose.

  Rating:  4 Stars

    Many times people hear this common phrase: "We must start doing things for the children. They are our future!" The interesting thing is, though, rarely does anyone ever get to hear what a Muslim child has to say in an open forum. Muslim Youth Speak provides such a forum.

This entire book is based on the writings of Seventh and eighth graders. The topics of the book are divided into sections. Subject matters include: "Living Islam Today," "Reaching Out With Islam" and "Being True to Allah." The short essays are written in a very straightforward manner. This is a definite advantage because many times children read essays that are too difficult to follow, let alone understand. It's because of this that this compilation is able to achieve what it does.

Firstly, the essays go over topics that many Islamic schools cover in their curriculum. The benefit of such a book is the opportunity that is given to the students to read what other children their own age feel about the topic. For the child who may not be in a Muslim school, the book presents to them the basic foundations from their very own peers. 

Moreover, the text provides something that is yet to be commonly seen: quality Muslim-oriented plays. Some of the essays are presented in a theatrical format so as to present a topic like "Who is Muhammad?" in a different manner. The plays are short and provide a wonderful chance for children to verbally express the knowledge that they are learning. It's also great for da'wah practice!

What do today's youth feel about Islam? There's no longer a need to question. Just pick up a copy of Muslim Youth Speak and find out.

--Reviewed by Qasim Najar


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