Book Reviews

    On this page we will be providing book reviews for books selected for inclusion in our syllabi.  We will also review other books that are of interest.  Our team of reviewers is made up of both males and females, immigrants and converts, young and old so you can be assured of a wide range of reading tastes and opinions.

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Grades KG-5

Grades 6-12


Burhaan Khan

The Memory of Hands

What Islam is All About

Full Circle

Ahmad Deen and the Curse of the Aztec Warrior

Learning About Islam

Ibrahim's Search

Ahmad Deen and the Jinn at Shaolin

The Holy Qur'an for School Children Part 30

Finders Keepers and Other Stories

A Review on both Ahmad Deen Books from the Message Magazine

Muslim Youth Speak: Voices of Today's Muslim Youth

The Cave

Layla Deen and the Case of the Ramadan Rogue

How to Tell Others About Islam



Islam Beliefs and Teachings

Nadia's Hands

The Seafaring Beggar

Islam the Natural Way

The Day of Ahmad's Secret

The Seafaring Beggar as Reviewed by the Message Magazine

The Story of Yusuf

I Love Madinah al Munawwarah

The Army of Lions

The Beloved Prophet

A Day With the Dinosaurs

Tales From Rumi

Color and Learn Salah

Stories Good and True

The Assemblies of Al Hariri

Tadhib and Sirah

The Voyages of Sindbad

Forgiveness and Other Matters

Come to Success Through Living Eman

Maroof and the Dream Caravan

The Conference of Birds

Islamic Akhlaq and 'Aqeedah

Aladdin and His Magic Lamp

The Jinn in the Clock

Islamic Rose Books